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Kingdom System

02.13.2019 07:24:52

Kingdom Profile

From the time the character was created, the player joined one of Sparta, Athens and Thebes. The Kingdom system consists of elements such as Kingdom Level, Official Title, Kingdom Development, Military Supplies, Kingdom Technology, and States War.

The Kingdom system is a core system that fosters a sense of belonging to the player. The States War will be held regularly every day, and the kingdom experience will be improved after the completion of the States War mission.

Kingdom Level

As the Kingdom Level increases, members of the kingdom will receive the corresponding national privileges. The main source of kingdom experience is the States War. The success or failure of the States War determines the speed at which a kingdom upgrades.

Official Title

State officials consist of a king and four first-class officials. Kings and officials can receive money every day, and they can increase the number of borrowers every once in a while. State officials played a vital role during the national war. The use of the solicitation order, as well as the tactical arrangements, are the key to the success or failure of the States War.

States War

The States War is the highlight of the three kingdoms. Every day at 10:00, 15:00, 20:00, the States War will be opened, each kingdom will receive the corresponding States War mission. Kingdoms that have successfully completed their missions receive a lot of rewards and kingdom experience.