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Game Introduction

02.13.2019 06:38:01

You are declared a Lord after you won in the great Troy war. But your journey has just began and every kingdom is fighting for land and wealth. The wrath of the gods comes upon all those who has triumphed in the Trojan war. The world is covered by war and blood.

Immerse yourself in deep MMORTS gameplay, AAA artwork, voiceovers and plots of Greek mythology.

* Choose one of the three forces: Thebes, Athens and Sparta.

* Develop your small city into a major military and political power.

* Inspire the mightiest warriors and train your troops strong.

* Use diplomacy, trade, guile, and raw military power to rewrite history.

* Join the world battle and fight for your glory till last blood.

Note: Game of Glory is free to play, but there are in game purchases that will help you develop your City faster and give you extra advantages in the game.