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Server-merge Warfare

03.22.2019 10:37:22

Before the merge of two servers, there will be a special war named Server-merge Warfare between them, to decide which server will be merged into the other one. You will see the entrance at 0:00 on the scheduled day of Server-merge Warfare as below.

Server-merge Warfare will be on at 19:30 and last till 21:00. You can buy several kinds of buffs in the war to help your server win. But remember that these buffs will only work in this system.


In Server-merge Warfare, you will be distributed to a certain kingdom according to your former server and kingdom. Drafts can not be used in the war.

[Winning Rule]

Conquer 1 city to claim 1 point and 1 main city of enemy to claim 10 points. When the war is over, the server with original players claiming higher points will win.


When the death quantity of a certain kingdom reaches 100, there will be 20 Lifeguards appearing in it's main city, and they will attack the 2 kingdoms nearby automatically.

[Archer Tower]

There will be 2 archer towers defending each main city. Archer tower will be attacking enemies who are coming for your main city every 30 seconds. When it is conquered by enemy, the archer tower will stop attacking. 

Note: Archer tower attacks only if the main city is in war.

After the Server-merge Warfare, the defeated server will be merged into the winning one. New kingdom's level will be the higher one of the former two kingdoms. Officials will be deleted and there will be a Battle of the King in the evening. After the server merge, everyone will get a Change Kingdom Card through in-game mail and you can use it to switch Kingdom.